Our Quality Assurance Approach


Agreed targets and standards

We agree to a cleaning program with our clients that sets minimum targets and standards. We identify your specific needs, any specialist equipment, the staffing levels required and develop a tailored proposal and quotation. The proposal includes service level agreements which we will report on. This is our quality assurance approach.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our services are based on OH&S requirements and hygiene standards set by the Government. The level of cleanliness and frequency of cleans are determined by the client. We monitor and report on our compliance with the standards.

Communication logbooks

Our clients can check that we are delivering the agreed level of service at any time. We use communication logbooks on site that make it easy for our clients to check what we have done and when.

This process guarantees that our clients get a consistent and professional service from us to an agreed standard.

Colour coding

Wherever hygiene is a priority GBS Cleaning uses colour coding to make sure we use the right product at the right level for the job and to prevent cross-contamination. Click for more information on colour coding.

Site safety management plan

Occupational health and safety (OH&S) is the most important aspect of delivering our service. It is our responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. We do not put our employees or our client at risk. We follow safe work practices at all times to avoid uncontrolled health and safety risks for ourselves, for our clients and for all people who may be affected by our service.

We have strong occupational health and safety (OH&S) policies in place as part of the comprehensive site safety management plan that we use for each job. The site safety management plan is used to define our practices and to train our staff. It identifies

»  Our risk matrix

»  Our safe work method statement

»  The workplace inspection checklist

»  The personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements

»  How to undertake toolbox/pre-start talks

»  Training and competency register

»  The electrical equipment register

»  Hazardous substances and dangerous good register

»  The work health and safety management plan checklist

Electrical safety

Electrical safety is a significant legal issue for all businesses. Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760:2010 defines the requirements of routine and regular testing of all electrical equipment.

We ensure that all the electrical equipment we bring on to your site (such as vacuum cleaners, leads etc) is tested regularly and tagged with a non-reusable tag to show that it is safe. If it fails we repair or dispose of the appliance. We provide an asset register recording the make, model and serial number of the appliances tested and used on site.

Training our staff

We have developed a strong company culture that fosters teamwork, professionalism and continuous improvement. We provide a high-level of training to our employees to ensure that they understand all our requirements and procedures and that they have a commitment to meeting our quality assurance principles and customers requirements.

Environmental management

We are an environmentally conscious organisation and use biodegradable nature-neutral (sustainable and environmentally sound) cleaning products where they are able to provide the cleaning power needed.

We are committed to minimising adverse environmental impacts from our cleaning products and activities wherever possible.

Compliance and insurance

We have full insurance cover and workers compensation insurance.

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Australian Achiever Awards

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  • The care and attention we give the client
  • How the client values and perceives us
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Range of Services

  • Site Amenities and Maintenance
  • Window Cleaning
  • Labour Hire
  • Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning
  • Brick and Pressure Cleaning
  • Water Damage
  • Floor Strip and Seal
  • Small Scale Graffiti Re-moval

Business Types

  • Schools
  • Pubs And Clubs
  • Medical Centres
  • Child Care Centres
  • Retail Shops
  • Commercial Premises
  • Health Care Centres
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