Our Final Builders Clean


High quality professional builders cleans

GBS Cleaning offers builders and developers in Sydney a highly professional final builders cleaning service.

Our experienced teams get your sites clean and looking their best for the owners to take possession. We provide professional post cleans, initial cleans, final cleans and progressive cleans across Sydney for developers and builders.

Presenting your project as a prestige product

Once the project is complete and the tradesmen are off site it is our job to clean the site to a level that will present the project to your client as a pristine and prestige product.

We specialise in construction and commercial cleaning only. We follow all OH&S standards and provide only trained staff experienced in all specialist cleaning techniques for commercial and industrial surfaces and applications.

We clean all types of building projects

»  Apartments

»  Residential developments

»  Education and childcare centres

»  Houses

»  Medical centres

»  Nursing homes

»  Offices and conference centres

»  Pubs and restaurants

»  Retail and shopping centres

»  Shop fit outs

»  Warehouses

Guaranteed quality builders clean

We agree to a thorough cleaning program with our clients that sets minimum targets and standards.

Our services are based on work health and safety requirements and hygiene standards. We use high quality people and have a staff-training program in place to ensure a consistently high standard of service.

This process guarantees that our clients get a consistent and professional service from us to an agreed standard. This is our quality assurance approach.

Australian Achiever Awards

We value our high levels of customer satisfaction and have won Australian Achiever Awards for Excellence in Customer Service in 2009 and 2010.

Range of services

Our final builders clean prepares the finished project for handover to your client and can consist of hundreds of small tasks to get all elements of a site or job ready for handover:

Removal of waste and residues

»  Tape and stickers from glass and frames

»  Paint, adhesives and cement splashes from floors, windows, frames

»  Paint splashes from electrical fittings, sanitary ware and door hardware

»  Excess grout from tiled walls and floors

»  Disposal of all rubbish, dirt, and debris from the interior of the building

Cleaning methods offered

»  Inside and outside surfaces of all internal and external windows and glass doors and frames

»  Vacuuming all carpeted areas and removal of stains

»  Vacuuming of window frame tracks

»  Vacuuming and cleaning the inside of all cabinets

»  Vacuuming and mopping all tile floors

»  Dusting all floors and walls as required

»  High pressure cleaning of concrete areas

»  High speed floor polishing

»  Vacuuming and mopping all hard and tiled floors

»  Cleaning settled dust off walls and all other surfaces

»  All appliances, electrical fixtures and trim, cleaned and polished ready for use

Special requirements

»  Kitchen—with special attention to cabinets, shelving, appliances and counter tops

»  Bathrooms, toilets, laundry and barbeque areas —with special attention to vanities, stained woodwork and stainless steel with sinks and toilets hygienically cleaned to WHS standards

»  Exterior doors and interior doors

»  Small scale graffiti removal

»  Balconies—special attention to floors and balustrades

»  Common areas such as corridors, car parking, lobbies and lifts

»  External pathways—high pressure cleaning

»  Temporary surface protection

Cleaning products

We are an environmentally conscious organisation and use nature-neutral (sustainable and environmentally sound) cleaning products where they are able to provide the cleaning power needed.

Colour coding

Wherever hygiene is a priority GBS Cleaning uses colour coding to make sure we use the right product at the right level for the job and to prevent cross-contamination. Click for more information on colour coding.

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Australian Achiever Awards

  • How we have addressed client needs
  • The care and attention we give the client
  • How the client values and perceives us
  • The standard for our communications
  • Our attitude
  • The value we offer
Australian Achiever Awards Australian Achiever Awards Australian Achiever Awards

Range of Services

  • Site Amenities and Maintenance
  • Window Cleaning
  • Labour Hire
  • Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning
  • Brick and Pressure Cleaning
  • Water Damage
  • Floor Strip and Seal
  • Small Scale Graffiti Re-moval

Business Types

  • Schools
  • Pubs And Clubs
  • Medical Centres
  • Child Care Centres
  • Retail Shops
  • Commercial Premises
  • Health Care Centres
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